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I have combined a bunch of the witchy tags circling around the community that I will be answering in parts. Tags included: 2016, 2017, 2018 and 77 questions tag including other questions found around the internet.

1. What are 3 things you do every day to stay connected to your practice?

Listen to Pagan music, use crystals and use my divination tools

2. When a spell or working fails, what steps do you take to try again or fix it?

I figure out what did not work and try something different

3. Have you ever used an object or ingredient in a spell that would be considered odd or whimsical?

Not that I can think of

4. What techniques do you use to generate energy for spell casting?

Grounding and Centering

5. How do you stay motivated to witch through things or even work/start a grimoire?

This is something I definitely struggle with on a regular basis. For me personally, to get myself back in that witchy mood, I will listen to my pagan/witchy music and watching other witchy YouTubers usually helps me get back into that mindset.

6. Are there times when you doubt your power or don’t feel connected?


7. How do you build community?

Reaching out and connecting with people

8. How do you cope when life just becomes too much and you begin to lose faith in: your practice, in what you do, and sometimes even who you are?

Please let me know when you have the answer to this because I would love to know myself

9. Where/what is your favorite magickal scenery?

Lush green forest, mountains, rivers, lakes, and the ocean

10. How do you handle new friendships that don’t know you practice the craft?

I always share that part of my life with new friends because it’s a huge part of who I am and I will not hide that part of myself.

11. How do you deal with family that does not accept you being a witch?

Thankfully my family really does not care at all and are very supportive. Now my religious grandmother, on the other hand, I have absolutely no idea. I have never really talked about it with her and don’t really know if I ever want to.

12. Have you ever had a spell backfire on you to the point it scared you so much, that you considered stopping practicing witchcraft?

Not yet

13. When you first started practicing, when was the moment you stopped depending on others/books/websites for guidance and started following your own intuition (doing what feels right to you)?

Probably a few years after I started

14. Do you “wait for karma” or do you “take karma into your own hands”?14. Do you “wait for karma” or do you “take karma into your own hands”?

It depends

15. Have you ever been psychically attacked by a fellow pagan?


16. Have you ever been accused of something that you didn’t do because you practice witchcraft?

No thankfully

17. How do you feel about bringing diversity into your practice from other cultures outside of your own?

This makes up a lot of my practice and I think you should be respectful of the cultures when using their practices.

18. What is your favorite witchy tool (physical item)?


19. Do you have a witchy name? How did you come by it?

Yes and D&D, if you would like to know the story then let me know and I will write about it.

20. Where are you located? What brought you to that area or were you born there?

Currently residing in Alabama because I moved in with my lovely girlfriend. I’m originally from Florida.

21. Do you wear a special amulet or jewelry for spell work?

I do not wear an amulet or jewelry specifically for spell work but I do wear special jewelry regularly that has spiritual significance

22. What is your favorite space or place?

I don’t have on currently

23. What is your favorite stone or Crystal for Magical workings?

It really depends on the magical working I am doing. If you would like me to make a whole post about this topic please let me know.

24. How long have you been practicing? And how did you come to this path?

I have been practicing for 13 years and I will be posting a blog on how I find my path soon.

25. Do you have a deity god or goddess? And how did you connect with them?

Yes, currently working on that

26. What is your favorite incense or smudge?

Dragons Blood, Sandalwood, Frankincense & Myrrh

27. Have you ever had to clear a space of a negative entity?


28. What is your favorite witchy show or movie?

Charmed, I know it’s so cliche but it is a classic. I grew up watching it with my mom and I love the show so much. Phobe was definitely one of my early crushes because I realized I was gay. It makes so much sense now.

29. What do you do to help raise energy before spell work?

Listening to music

30. Do you see yourself helping others magically?



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