Walking the Forest Path Online Course

Walking the Forest Path Online Course Early Enrollment

Walking the Forest Path is the first course of Lunar Mystic Academy our educational courses. Intro to Paganism doesn’t begin in till February 2019 but you can register now. When signing up please send the email you want to receive your course.

The course is an introductory to the Pagan earth based spirituality. The course will be covering the following

Lesson 1: What is Paganism

Lesson 2: History of Paganism

Lesson 3: Ethics and Beliefs

Lesson 4: Pagan Paths

Lesson 5: Energy and Magick

Lesson 6: Meditation

Lesson 7: Divinity in Paganism

Lesson 8: The Elements

Lesson 9: Wheel of the Year

Lesson 10: Ritual

Lesson 11: Putting it all Together

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