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Witchy Questions Tag Part 1

31. What is your preferred form of divination?
I work with Tarot, Oracle, Runes, and Pendulums. I want to learn more about working with the Ogham and Scrying.

32. What element do you work with the most?
I work with all the elements in my practice but I connect to Earth and Water the most.

33. If you threw a party which of the YouTube Witches would you invite?
A good amount of them. Too many I love to name them all

34. What are your witchy goals for the new year?
To make more time for my practice regularly and better my skills. My life has been very hectic so my practice can get pushed to the back burner sometimes. I know many witches can relate.

35. When times get tough do you fight or flight?
I am definitely a go hide in my little corner when things get too much for me

36. Is there a certain color you connect with?
Black and Red

37. What is your Sun, Moon & Rising?
I am a triple Taurus so a lot of earthy energy which makes sense with my personality

38. Something you would change if you could. (Self, the world or magically?)
I would change more people being open-minded to the occult and not so fearful without even giving a second to learn about it first.

39. Are you passing down your knowledge to the next generation? If so, in what way?
Yes absolutely through sharing information on my blog or through courses

40. Ancestor connections? Who’s coming through?
That is something I currently have been wanting to work more on and looking into.

41. Do you prefer to do magic with others or by yourself?
I am a lone wolf but sometimes it’s nice to do little witchy things with friends

42. Do you feel there is only one type of meditation?
No but only certain kinds really work for me personally

43. What’s your favorite flower? And why?
A rose. I have always been obsessed with roses since I was a little girl. They are just so beautiful to me.

44. Have you tried a new form of divination this year?
I bought my first crystal ball to begin scrying but haven’t practiced yet.

45. What is your favorite way to connect to the elements?
Through meditation or certain items that represent that element.

46. Tea or Coffee?
I love coffee. I can’t stand the taste of tea. I am definitely a coffee witch.

47. Do you come from a witchy family? Do you feel that bloodline is important or does it matter?
I do not but I don’t think blood makes a witch in that way. There are people that come from witching families but never even get into the craft themselves.

48. List 3 of your favorite witchy YT channels
There are too many and I can’t pick just three

49. What is your favorite witchy book?
Ahhhhhhh! This is a difficult question. I guess if I have to pick one its the Temple of Witchcraft series.

50. An herb you haven’t work with yet?
I can’t think off the top of my head. I will have to come back to this one.

51. What are your goals for next year?
To better myself as a witch and advance my knowledge even more.

52. Do you use runes as a written language?
I have not yet

53. Do you feel you have natural gifts such as (premonitions, hearing spirits) and if so do you think this is what led you to this path?
Well we all have these abilities it’s a matter of tapping into them. I have always

54. What deity do you work with if any and why?
The Morrighan and Cernunnos. They came to me

55. Have you always worked with this same deity?

56. Do you use any personal items in your practice, (blood, semen, tears, urine, etc)?
Blood very occasionally and if I feel like I need to I will use hair.

57. Do you do past life readings or have ever had one done; who were you or how did you die? I know I had a past life in ancient Egypt and many lives as a witch. That’s as far as I know from sessions I have had.

58. What is your favorite magical tool?
I honestly don’t have a specific favorite

59. What is a song or type of music that gets you into a Witchy mood?
Definitely specific Pagan/Witchy bands like Omnia, Faun, Mandi See, etc.

60. Where is the most magical place you have ever been?
There’s not one in particular but forests feel the most magical to me.


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