Advice for Beginner Pagans and Witches

Read as much as you can

Read anything and everything. You want to study as much as you can. Read general books and then read books on specific topics to delve deeper. Some things to read up on are history, mythology, gods & goddesses, meditation, the elements, sabbats, phases of the moon, energy work, ritual, spell casting, etc. Find what you connect to the most and what makes up your practice.


Keep a notebook

Keep a notebook to have while you are reading and studying. You can write down things you want to remember for later. Write down something that peaks your interested that you want to look further into. It’s a great to have a separate notebook to put little notes down as you go. Commonly when you begin your practice you create a book of shadows to record the things you learn as you go.

Find a community

When you first begin to practice it can be difficult to know what information is good and what is bad. You might have a million questions but no one to answer them. I highly recommend finding a community of Pagans and Witches to connect with that you can ask questions and learn from. You can join Facebook groups, find communities on Instagram, find local groups in your community, etc. Witchvox is a great site to find local groups in your community. I welcome you to join my community The Mystical Seekers, a supportive and safe space for Pagans and Witches.

Begin a meditation practice

Meditation is so important in the practice. It’s a great idea to start one as soon as possible. Meditation comes easier to some then others. It’s something you really have to practice at regularly. I recommend beginning with a few days a week then build up to a daily practice. Meditation is how you can connect to deities, your guides, delve into past lives, better your psychic abilities, work with spirits, etc.

Connect to nature

Nature has so much to teach us. We can learn many lessons. Paganism and Witchcraft both are heavily based in nature and the natural world. Connect to nature everyday if you can. Go for a walk and listen to the natural sounds around you. Listen to the sound of the trees blowing in the wind. Listen to the birds. Looking around you and see what things stand out to you. We can receive messages through nature from our guides.

Practice and practice some more

After all the studying and note taking you have done. You need to put that into practice. The only way to really learn anything is to actually practice. You can’t get good at anything without practice.


No one Pagan or Witch’s practice is the same. Everyone has different things they connect to that work for their own personal practice. As you are learning and practicing your craft. Experiment with different things and see what works for you personally. This is how you will build your own practice that is specific to you.

Have Patience

Have patience with yourself. There is so much to learn and practice. Pagan and Witchcraft take dedication and study. You will never stop learning no matter how many years you practice. It’s really a life long wonderful journey. Some things you will catch onto fast and some things will take you a little longer. Don’t feel any pressure to learn everything all at once and know everything there is to know. Be patient and you will get there.

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