Advice for Beginner Pagans and Witches

Read as much as you canRead anything and everything. You want to study as much as you can. Read general books and then read books on specific topics to delve deeper. Some things to read up on are history, mythology, gods & goddesses, meditation, the elements, sabbats, phases of the moon, energy work, ritual, spell … Continue reading Advice for Beginner Pagans and Witches


Witchy Questions Tag Part 2

Witchy Questions Tag Part 1 31. What is your preferred form of divination? I work with Tarot, Oracle, Runes, and Pendulums. I want to learn more about working with the Ogham and Scrying. 32. What element do you work with the most? I work with all the elements in my practice but I connect to … Continue reading Witchy Questions Tag Part 2