Foundations of Wicca

Foundations of Wicca (1)

Foundations of Wicca 10 Month Online Course $125

Foundations of Wicca is a 10 month online self-paced course.  Begins Spring 2019 Payments are accepted but must be paid in full before you can begin the course.

Through this course, you will build a strong and solid foundation for your personal practice. You will receive a new lesson every two weeks. There will be a private Facebook community for students to connect and discuss the lessons. Each lesson comes with homework assignments and other recommend reading material to further your knowledge. This course is very eclectic and will not be following one set tradition but learning to build your own beliefs and practices. While we will briefly touch on spellcasting and magick towards the end of the course. The main focus is to build that strong spiritual foundation so you can then build on top of that.

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Class Overview 

Lesson 1: Intro

Lesson 2: History

Lesson 3: Ethics and Beliefs

Lesson 4: Traditions

Lesson 5: Energy and Magick

Lesson 6: Meditation

Lesson 7: Deity

Lesson 8: The Elements

Lesson 9: Psychic Abilities

Lesson 10: Spirit Guides

Lesson 11: Altars and Tools

Lesson 12: Ritual

Lesson 13: Esbats

Lesson 14: Sabbats

Lesson 15: Crystals

Lesson 16: Herbs

Lesson 17: Divination

Lesson 18: Types of Magick

Lesson 19: Spellcraft

Lesson 20: Bringing it all together