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A Modern Traditional Witch

A Witch’s Path

A Year and a Day

Avalon Witch

Beneath the Moon

Between the Shadows

Black Witch Coven

By Athame & Stag

By Land, Sea and Sky

By The Pale Moonlight

Cauldron and Brew

Crossroads of the Goddess

Damh the Bard


Dirt Heart Witch

Down the Forest Path

Esoteric Moment

Flying the Hedge

For Puck’s Sake

From a Common Well

Gateway Goddess

Greening the Spirit

Hawthorn and the Rose

Hearth Witch Down Under

Heathen at Heart

Keeping Her Keys

Lunar Wisdom

Moody Moons

Mystical Pagan

Nature’s Sacred Journey

New World Witchery


Old World Witchcraft

Pagan Tama


Penniless Pagan

Raise the Horns

Sarah Fawn Empey

Solitary Witchin

Speaking of Witch Wands & Magickal Things

Star & Snake


The Ash Grove

The Charmed Circle

The Celtic Connection

The Druid’s Garden

The Fairy Tale Witch

The Hood Witch

The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids

The Reflecting Pond

The Wandering Witch

The Water Witch

The Wild Hunt

The Witch & Walnut

The Witches Next Door

Under the Ancient Oaks

Voodoo Universe

Witch of the Wood

Witch on Fire

Witchy Words

Woman of the Woods



3 Pagans and a Cat

Another Pagan Podcast

A Pagan Heart in Maine

Ariel’s Druidic Craft of the Wise Lectures

Celtic Myth Podshow

Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

Desperate House Witches

Down at the Crossroads

Druid Cast

Elemental Castings

Inciting a BrewHaHa

Lakefront Pagan Voice

Modern Witch

New World Witchery

Pagan Musings

Pagan Parents on the Edge

Pagan Spirituality Today

Pagans Tonight

Pennies in the Well

Sacred Radicals

Season of the Witch

Stirring the Cauldron

Story Archaeology

Temple of Witchcraft

The Fat Feminist Witch

The Priestesses

The Spiral Dance

The Wigglian Way

The Witch, The Priestess, and the Cauldron

The Witch Wave



CoffeeTable Coven

Modern Witch Magazine

The Magical Times

Witches & Pagans

Witch Way Magazine




Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) -USA

Circle Sanctuary -USA

Covenant of the Goddess (COG) -USA

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) -USA

Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD) -UK, International

Pagan Federation -UK

Pagan Federation -Scotland

Pagan Federation International (PFI)

Pagan Life Rites -Ireland

Pagan Heathen Symposium -UK

Temple of Witchcraft -USA

Unitarian Earth Spirit Network (UESN) -UK


Conventions & Gatherings

A Feast of Lights -Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Beltania -Colorado Springs, Colorado

Beyond the Gates -Trout Lake, Washington

Brighid’s Fire -Tampa Bay area, Florida

Chrysalis Moon -Monterey, Indiana

Earth House Midsummer Gathering -Blue River, Wisconsin

Earth Warriors -Clarksville, Ohio

Eight Winds -Lagunitas, California

Equinox in the Oaks -Pierson, Florida

Florida Pagan Gathering -St Petersburg, Florida

Gathering of All Paths -Casa, Arkansas

Goddess Gathering -Cambridge, Ohio

Heartland Pagan Festival -McLouth, Kansas

Harvest Gathering -Orange, Connecticut

Hexenfest -Geyserville, California

HexFest -New Orleans, Louisiana

Ishtar Fest -Old Bridge Township, New Jersey

Kaleidoscope Gathering -Eganville Ontario, Canada

Michigan Pagan Fest -Belleville, Michigan

Moon Meet -Healdsburg, CA

Mystic South -Atlanta, Georgia

Paganicon -Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pagan Spirit Gathering -Barneveld, Wisconsin

Pagan Unity Festival -Burns, Tennessee

Pan Pagan Festival -Monterey, Indiana

PantheaCon -San Jose, California

Phoenix Phyre -Lakeland, Florida

Rites of Spring -Williamsburg, Massachusetts

Sacred Harvest Festival -Finlayson, Minnesota

Sirus Rising -Sherman New York

The Gathering of Life on Earth -Vancouver, Canada

The Starwood Festival -Athens, Ohio

Trees of Avalon Gathering -Hudson, Florida

Wiccan Fest -Mansfield Ontario, Canada

Wisteria Summer Solstice Gathering -Athens, Ohio

Witches Fest USA -Manhattan, New York City

Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt -Springfield, Louisiana



Akasha Wolf


Anastasia Autumnfire

Arabian Conjure

Ariel Willow

A Rose in Winter

Arwen Lynch

Atalie the Witch

AthenaBeth Black

Avalon Cameron


Caelia Remnants

Celeborn Dark Flame

Cora Pandora

Creole Witch

Crimson Fyre

Chris Ashburn

Crystal Witch Rise

Danni Lang

Deviant Witchery

Dewdrop Dwelling

Drawing Kenaz

Earthly Alchemy

Echo Foxpaw

Ember HoneyRaven

Erick Silvermoon

Fox Vyars

Haus of Tarot

Hazel Autumnwood

Hexe Faeryn

Hoodoo Mama

House of Witchery

Joey Morris

John Beckett

Kat Taylor


Kelly-Ann Maddox

Lady Ambrosia

Laura Daligan

Lauren Samantha

Lippy Witch

Lord Night Raven

Lunar Wisdom

Madame Luna

Magnolia Soul

Mirth and Reverence

Missy Behexed

Moonlight Faerie

Moonlight Ponderings

My Pagan Life

Noah Tempestarii

Oolong Witch

Owlvine Green

Pagan Scholar

Pagan Perspective



Random Witch

Raven Flower

Runita X

Samantha Valens

Sarah Empey

Scarlet Ravenswood

Scarlet Moon Magic

Skittle Kat Spiritual


Starting Out Solitary

Stephanie Buchhexe

Sunshine MorningRae

The White Witch Parlour

The Witchy Bear

The Witchy Mommy


Tip Toe Chick


Wilder Wombyn

Willow WildMoon

Willow Wood

Wisteria Witches

Witches of the Moon

Witchy Book Reviews

Witchy Mandi

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