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Tarot readings are sent within 5-20 business days (Monday-Friday) from date of purchase. During times of high demand, it may take the full 20 business days.

When booking your reading please include in the add a note section or email me at lunarhavenmystic@gmail.com the information below:

– Your full name + pronouns
– More about your situation and why you decided on purchasing this reading.
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By law, I’m required to state that I am making no official claims and that my readings are for entertainment purposes only. My readings are meant to provide guidance and are not a prediction of the future. Tarot readings are never 100% accurate and do not predict how a situation will turn out. By purchasing this reading you are agreeing to the fact you are over the age of 18 and fully responsible for your actions. If you are having difficulties with mental health, legal troubles, physical health, financial troubles or anything else please seek out a qualified professional.

*Readings are non-refundable*

Know Show Grow $10


KNOW- what you need to mentally be aware of today. This card isn’t meant to surprise you, but allow you a shift in perspective if you so choose. It should almost confirm what is going on with or around you. This card allows you to see with mental attributes a bit further on your path, whatever it is.

SHOW- a card meant for action. Regardless of the card that lands here, it will be interpreted into a recognizable “do this”. Similar to a workout plan given to you by a personal trainer. I’ll break down what it is exact that you need to apply and do in your life to get to the next step/level/phase.

GROW- the card that lands here is planning for longevity. The Universe wants you to not only know and show what it is you need to do ‘now’ but to have the tools to continue further.

The Way Out $20


1. The Matter at hand: Take particular notice if this card approaches the issue from a different angle than you’d observed — this may be a key piece of the puzzle.

2. The Block: Here’s what’s standing in your way, or preventing forward motion.

3. The hidden jewel: This card shows the hidden truth underlying the stagnation or frustration.

4. A shift in awareness: This card represents the shift in perspective necessary to break through what’s blocking you.

5. The way out: The ultimate path to liberation.

Five Element $20

five-element-dark-tarot-reading (1) 1. Earth Element: The Earth card represents your “foundation”, or sense of stability with finances, work, family, and home.
2. Water Element: The Water card represents your emotional world and the health of relationships, as well as the flow of creativity.

3. Fire Element: The Fire card represents aspects of your ego; confidence, sense of self, and your willingness to grow and transform.

4. Air Element: The Air card indicates your current relationship to movement, change, travel, and inspiration.

5. Spirit Element: The Spirit card represents your relationship to the infinite and Spirituality.

Crystal Element Guidance $30


1. Current Situation

2. Air: Mental influence or mind

3. Water: Emotional influence

4. Fire: Transforming influence

5. Earth: Nurturing or healing that is required

6. Spirit: Message from the spirit world

7. Love: Gift or blessing from the situation

Year Ahead Reading $55


12 Month

-Energy for each month
-Crystal for each month
-Animal guide for each month