“My session with Elmeria was a lovely introduction to the basic principles and practices of Wicca. I wasn’t sure what to expect but she had it structured in a way that catered to the individual, with about half the time dedicated to personal questions. By special request she also included alternate information about crystals. I really got a better rounded understanding of what Wicca is that only a back-and-forth conversation can give. This was really helpful to me as I got immediate answers to my questions everything in my head was being confirmed. I realize I identify more with the guidelines of Wicca than any other religion, and she did not stray from talking about Christian values compared to Wicca, which is more familiar territory for me. She supplied many resources, some her own and some of others, for further study. Overall I was very satisfied and consider her a resource moving forward with my personal studies! I am very thankful she was recommended to me!”

 -Sam, Wicca Guidance Session


“Absolutely wonderful loose incense! Earth reminds me of walking through the woods in the Northeast in autumn. Very grounding and soothing and like home. Full Moon reminds of a little bit kitchen witch, from the rosemary and thyme, and a bit ethereal from the other ingredients. A beautiful blend that is calming, yet empowering and perfect for full moon blessings and intentions(I added it to a tea light). This incense is well worth buying and immersing oneself in. And it did not bother my allergies, which sadly other incenses have done in the past. Fast shipping and wonderful customer service.”

-Jenn, Earth and Full Moon Incense Blend


“I really love the Mala I recieved from Elmeria. She really personalized the experience by explaining what each crystal means. The crystals on the Mala are beautiful and you can tell that she spent a lot of time and energy (physical and spiritual) making it. Each knot is tied with care. You can tell that she is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I would definitely recommend her shop!”

 -Amber, Custom Mala


” My tarot reading from Elmeria was fantastic! Not only was she insightful about her interpretations but her advice and guidance was gentle and encouraging. It’s always exciting to receive hand written letters and gifts in the mail and I was definitely not disappointed! My favorite part was that she was thoughtful enough to include suggestions for crystals and essential oils to use moving forward from my reading. I had a had a wonderful first tarot reading experience and would recommend her to everyone!”

 -Kailin, Snail Mail Reading


“A one of a kind unique blend that has a refreshing powerful scent from the Jasmine and grapefruit but a secret kick with the added eucalyptus. Using this blend not only lifts your mood, you feel empowered and ready to tackle whatever life throws you. Not to mention the added power of crystals! Rose quartz to feel the love and obsidian to keep you grounded and clear quartz to amplify all the beautiful energy within this blend. Heart felt thought and care into this creation!”

 -Lucy, Rising of the New Moon oil blend


“I love my custom Mala from Lunar Haven Mystic! Elmeria has fantastic enthusiasm and beautiful positive energy. Her intuition was incredible in helping guide me through the creative process was so on point with everything I suggested to her. There was a small timing delay, no fault of the shop, but Elmeria kept me updated the whole time and made sure I was completely satisfied with the Mala. I will definitely purchase a mala from her again!”

 -Ash, Custom Mala


“I thought that the session with Elmeria was very comforting. I have been going through a lot in my life lately. I knew that certain chakras wouldn’t be as open as others and she confirmed that I truly do need to work on them. I feel like I can always go to her for help and I’m appreciative that she could be a guide when I could not see everything as clearly as I would like to. I believe that she would continue making others feel the same way that I did.”

-Carter, Chakra Balancing Session