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A monthly membership with new content every month.  The Coven is for anyone that is already practicing or is interested in Paganism and Witchcraft. You can subscribe and save for only $5 a month or one month access for $10. Once signed up you will receive that months content in the form of a downloaded pdf sent to your email. Make sure to add to your contacts.

What benefits do you get for being apart of The Coven?

-Private Facebook community
-Monthly content that changes and varies each month
-Monthly Tarot/Oracle forecast
-Exclusive discount codes
-Early access to new things coming to Lunar Haven Mystic
-Small business and guest features
-Crystals and Herbs of the month
-God and Goddess of the month
-Learn about different practices and traditions
-Spells and Rituals
-Tarot/Oracle Spreads
-and so much more

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One Time Access

If you are interested in being a featured guest (create or share exclusive content) or would like to have your small business featured or suggest a small business please fill out the form below. Small Business features are required to provide either a discount code or a free service.





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