Walking the Forest Path


This is a three month introductory course into Paganism and Witchcraft. You will build a strong foundational practice through out the course. The content will be delivered each week with lessons, activities and optional homework. This course is meant to teach you the basic concepts and develop a good understanding of the practice. Begins on Mabon The Autumn Equinox September 21st and ends on December 7th.


Week 1: Introduction to Paganism and Witchcraft

Week 2: Working with Energy

Week 3: Science of Magick

Week 4: Meditation

Week 5: Spirit Guides

Week 6: Deity

Week 7: Elements

Week 8: Wheel of the Year

Week 9: Phases of the Moon

Week 10: Ritual

Week 11: Spellcasting

Week 12: Putting It All Together


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the content? 

You will have lifetime access to the course and all content you receive.

Is the course self-paced?

Yes you will be able to work at your own pace throughout the course

How are the lessons received each week?

The lessons will be sent via email in a pdf file

Will there be a Facebook group for the course? 

Yes there will be an exclusive private Facebook group. You will be able to join in on discussions, ask questions and interact with me directly.

Can I sign up for the course if I don’t have Facebook?

Yes absolutely. The Facebook group is a bonus to interact with other students and join discussions.

Do I need any supplies for the course?

While there will be different items referenced throughout the course you do not need supplies right away. This will be discussed in the course itself.

Is the course suitable for absolute beginners?

Yes this is meant as an introductory course but seasoned practitioners could benefit as well.